Roberts K Rowberry

Thursday, November 03, 2016


I remember with fondness the days of yore

When I thought I knew what life was for

As the years pass I get older

With each moment life gets colder

I remember the night I learned of death

It scorched my heart and took my breath

Far too young to leave this earth

Only two years from his birth

I remember life without so much pain

Now I have feelings I can’t explain

I feel like life is passing me by

Some days it feels like I’m waiting to die

I remember riding in the truck with dad

Days gone forever, feeling sad

I rode along with my brothers and friends

Times I never wanted to end

I remember the days my children were born

My love for them can never be torn

Unconditional love I now understand

Two perfect grains from uncountable sands

I remember the day I first met my wife

Since that day she’s my life

She is the mate of my soul

Without her life’s not whole