Roberts K Rowberry

Sunday, January 17, 2016


I feel sick to my stomach
The pain of life has over done it
I feel Im stuck in the middle
I cant unwrap lifes real riddle

I feel that I am just a pawn
Must pass go raddling on
Cant go forward cant go on
If lifes a train then I am the track

Why wont the man let me pass
My feet are filled with shards of glass
How did life get so deep
Through my veins anxiety creeps

My chest is heavy hard to breathe
Can not concentrate my minds a thief
What do I want from this life
My heart does ache for a better life

Whats inside me I cant explain
Its kind of like a numbing pain
Heaven help me through this day
I think it is the only way

I try to have an open mind
I try to think when life was kind
I always remember things I have done
I cannot hide I cannot run