Roberts K Rowberry

Friday, September 18, 2015


The cuts are deep the scars are real
You never account for how I feel
Your emotional knife cuts me deep
My insanity starts to creep

My soul does bleed from the cuts
You push me down into my old ruts
Why I star I do not know
There is no space for me to grow

I feel the warmth of the sun come in
Your much stronger I can not win
Why you continue to torture me
I wish I could get up and flee

You have no soul your heart is black
Your never there or give back
I wish I was stronger still
Your evil actions make me ill

I dont dare shut my eyes
I cant look into your darkend skys
You destroy and pillage everything
While the songs of hope you do sing

Someday I will get away
But I know its not today
Ill bide my time and when its right
I will sneek out of site