Roberts K Rowberry

Friday, August 21, 2015



Why do people need to hate

Us as humans is this our fate

They are different, people cry

Can’t the give love a try?

Different people aren’t we all

Who is wrong it’s not your call

If we don’t think the same

Is that a reason for us to shame?

Black or white, gay or straight

Can’t we check these at the gate?

Who is wrong, who is right

Is there all was reason to fight

Please can’t we all get along?

We might all dance to a different song

Rich or poor, fat or thin

Someone’s trust must begin

Don’t just look the other way

Smile and have something nice to say

This live is not all about you

Can’t the many love the few?

True we are not all the same

Bet to this planet we all came

Shouldn’t we all have the plan?

Just to be a human clan